Which Part of your Home is the Dirtiest?

February 16, 2018 by JulietAyer

What is the Dirtiest Part of the Home

We all love a clean home, but sometimes we just don’t have time to get elbows deep in the cleaning process. Today we are going to talk about the dirtiest parts of the home and where you should spend a little more time cleaning. A lot of these you might have guessed would make the list, but there are some you would have never guessed are the dirtiest part of your home.

Cutting Board

Yup, you read that right. Your cutting board is one of the dirtiest places in your home. You might say, “I don’t use my cutting board every day like I use the bathroom or shower” and you are right, but it is what you put on the cutting board that makes it a germ-friendly breeding ground. The bacteria that can grow on a cutting board are some of the most dangerous types. To avoid getting sick from it, wash after every use no matter if you are just cutting carrots!

Stove Knobs

You wouldn’t have guessed that the knobs on the stove are actually a very dirty place. Just think about it, you touch food and then turn on the burners to cook. Studies show that the same types of bacteria that grows on your cutting board were also found on the stove knobs. The best way to combat this dirty spot is to constantly wash your hands throughout the food prep process. If you touch food, wash your hands before you touch anything else. This will cut down on cross contaminations that often happen during cooking.

Pet Toys

We all love our pets, right? So why do pet toys harbor some of the most harmful bacteria in the home? The answer is simple- dogs use their mouths for everything and the toys aren’t washed as often as other things in the home. In a study, 33% of pet toys came back positive for having the staph bacteria. Now imagine Fido picking up a dog toy and then giving you some of those slobbery kisses you love. The best way to fight against dirty dog toys is to have a washing regimen in place. Use hot water and soap and make sure you scrub! This will keep your family pet and your family safe and healthy.

Coffee Makers

A lot of us wake up every morning and the first we do is make a needed pot of coffee to get the day started. Did you know that you could be starting the day with a cup full of germs? The water reservoir on coffee machines is a breeding place for bacteria. Guess what the most common thing found in the coffee maker was (and it isn’t coffee grounds). If you guessed mold- you’d be correct. Best way to combat mold in the morning coffee is to read the manual and follow the care instructions. You’ll be surprised how often you need to clean the machine in order to maintain your machine’s (and yourself) health.

We all love a clean home and a healthy family. Don’t just think that if it looks clean- it is clean. Create a good cleaning regime with toxic-free cleaning agents to keep you and your family healthy for years to come.