Classic Cleaning Package

Even the most organized people find themselves living in a less-than-spotless home every now and then, and you might not be able to give your home the attention it truly deserves on your own. Your home is the last place you should feel stressed, but when your house needs some sprucing up, you might feel overwhelmed with finding the time to take care of it. To restore your home to a cleanliness level that is easy to maintain, and then to truly maintain it, it’s best to trust a professional cleaning service.

Radiant Home Cleaning Services provides residential cleaning services in the Northern Virginia region. We pride ourselves on providing a well-defined, trustworthy service and our ability to pay attention to the little details that matter. After you use our Classic Package cleaning services – whether for a One-Time Clean or for Recurring visits, your home will be cleaner than you could have ever imagined.


When to Get Our Classic Cleaning Package:

First-Time Service

Before beginning recurring service with us, we can provide your very first cleaning as a First-Time Classic Cleaning Package. This option works best for homes that are already pretty close to maintenance level. If you’re moving into a new home or if you normally have good cleaning habits but have had a change in routine that’s prevented you from staying on top of chores, our Classic Package is right for you! If your home has never been or is rarely cleaned, or is just difficult to maintain, we recommend you consider our alternative First-Time Premium Cleaning Package.

Recurring Service

Using our recurring residential cleaning services is a great way to make sure that your home stays clean on a regular basis. This can be especially helpful if you have a busy schedule and want to prevent dust, grime, and grease from building up. We offer once a week, twice a week, or monthly recurring cleaning services, and provide frequency discounts on each of them. We do not have contract services – you can cancel service at any time, for any reason. Other great things about our recurring service:

  • All scheduling can be done online, through your own secure personal account. However, we are always available by phone or email for your convenience.
  • Payment is easy – simply add your credit or debit card to your secure account, and it will be charged automatically after each completed visit.
  • We will send the same team to your home, within a fixed arrival window, on the same day of the week, every time.
  • Need to change the schedule? Simply log in to your account and reschedule, or contact us by phone or email.
  • After every visit, we follow up with you by email about the quality of the work. We hold our quality standards high, and our employees share our zeal for your satisfaction. Constant communication with you about our quality helps us to achieve our goals.

If you have trouble balancing work, family time, leisure, and household chores, allow us to make your life a little bit easier and save you time with our recurring cleaning. We love our customers and take care of their homes like our own. Let us take care of yours, so you have the time to focus on more important things.

One-Time or Occasional Service

Can’t commit to recurring service but need to get your house up to speed every now and then? Are you preparing for an event? If your home is pretty well maintained but you just need help every now and then to get the job done, a One-time Classic Cleaning Package is the job for you! When would you need a One-Time cleaning?

  • For an upcoming party you’re hosting or after a party you’ve hosted
  • In preparation for a new baby – or after the baby has come! Focus on taking care of your new addition and YOURSELF – and let us take care of your home. After the first cleaning, consider signing up for our recurring service – we offer frequency discounts on weekly, biweekly, and monthly visits.
  • In preparation for moving in or out of a home
  • To get the home up to speed after 6-12 months of Recurring Economy Package cleaning
  • Simply to treat yourself to a spotless home!

Whether you need a one-time cleaning to get your home ready for an event or you simply just want to enjoy a clean home, trust our expert cleaning team to take care of the mess. We will provide a truly customized cleaning that will restore your home’s cleanliness and make it look great.

Our one-time general cleaning is ideal for well-maintained homes, but we also offer One-time Premium Package cleaning for homes that need a little extra love.

Classic Package Scope of Work

Our Classic Package Cleaning includes…

  • Dust Top-to-Bottom: every horizontal and vertical surface from ceilings to the floors, including fans, light fixtures, blinds, cabinets, furniture, knick-knacks, picture frames, lamps, baseboards, etc.
  • Change Bed sheets (1 bedroom included, additional bedrooms $5 each
  • Polish Tables and other wood furniture surfaces
  • Wipe Mirrors, Glass Doors, Glass-paneled tables and furniture
  • In the Kitchen: Clean Sinks, Faucets, Countertops, Countertop Appliances, Backsplash, Stove Top, Ventilation hood, Inside of Microwave, Polish Fridge, Oven, and Dishwasher Doors
  • In Bathrooms: Scrub, Sanitize, and De-odorize Shower/Bathtub, Shower head, Faucet, and Toilet
  • Vacuum Floors and Rugs
  • Wet Mop Bare Floors
  • Empty Trash Cans and replace liners

We also offer the following add-on services for an additional charge:

  • Clean Inside Window Glass – anything accessible with a 2-step ladder.
  • Change Additional Bed Sheets (1st bed included, additional beds are $5/each)
  • Clean Inside Fridge and Freezer
  • Clean inside Oven

Click Here for a Detailed Classic Package Checklist:



Get a Fresh Start with Radiant Home Cleaning Services!

Radiant Home Cleaning Services is a house cleaning company serving the DC, Maryland, and Virginia region. At Radiant Home Cleaning, we understand that your home is your sanctuary and your entire livelihood, and we are dedicated to keeping it that way! We strive to provide our customers with unparalleled customer service and we believe that open communication is the key to our success.

“It’s the Little Things that Count” Guarantee

Every time we clean your home, we will do “the little things” that most cleaning services miss. These small, seemingly insignificant details are sometimes the most important in maintaining a truly clean house. These include moving small plants, furniture, and appliances while cleaning, straightening pictures after dusting, dusting light fixtures and baseboards, dusting all reachable corners of the house, and more. In treating your home as we would our own, we can guarantee that the little things will be covered and you will be left with the cleanest house you have seen in a long time.

Our Products

We use Legacy of Clean products, which are biodegradable and non-toxic. These products not only make your house shine, but protect your family and the environment. You can find Material Safety Data Sheets for each of our products below:

If you need a Classic Package house cleaning, contact us at 1-800-290-0107, or book online today!