The Best Dog Parks in Burke, VA

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Burke Dog Parks

We all love Burke, Virginia. It is a small town that has seemed to stay quaint while the rest of the area around it has become crowded and loud. Burke is a little oasis of its own. We love discovering new places around Burke, and we love dogs, so we decided to let you know of the dog parks that are must-sees, and some that are must never see again parks that are around the area.

South Run Dog Park

The South Run Dog park has become a meeting spot for many. Located easily off the Fairfax County Parkway, there are many trails and obstacle courses for you and your dog to adventure down. The dog park is fenced in so no need to leash your pup, but there isn’t a segregated area for smaller dogs. It is literally every dog for itself in there. As far as clean-up goes, every owner is responsible for their own dog and that dog’s business. This park has quite a few spots where owners aren’t responsible for picking up after their pets. Beware of this when you go so that your dog can avoid picking up germs and diseases that accompany bad practices like this.

Vienna Dog Park

Just a hop, skip and a jump away from Burke is the Vienna Dog Park. This park is highly rated because it provides water for the dogs as opposed to bringing your own. Located in Nottoway Park, you have the ability to walk your dog (on a leash) around the entire area! There seems to be a lot of friendly and responsible dog owners as ratings suggest there aren’t a lot of “land mines” around the park. The dog park floor is made of gravel, so be careful if you have a pup with sensitive paws. Side note, there isn’t a ton of parking so plan ahead! Remember, the sign on the gate says that pets who are not neutered are not welcome there.

Shirlington Dog Park

One of the absolutely best parks in the Burke area is the Shirlington Dog Park. This has absolutely everything you could ever want in a park. From tables and benches to a great view- this is the place for you and your pup to be. There is an area specifically for small dogs that opens to the larger play area that is designated for larger dogs. They also have tons of trashcans and bag to dispose of your dog’s mess. The water fountains are the best part. The dogs love it! You can fill it up as often as you like so your pet can stay hydrated. The park is narrow but long. You can’t even see the end of it once you enter! They have a gravel pathway that is surrounded by a dirt and grass mixture. The seating throughout the park makes it very owner friendly. Because the park is long and narrow- it is hard to keep on eye on your dog constantly. I don’t even know what people do with two dogs going in different directions! Parking is probably the only downside to this park as it is almost non-existent. Plan ahead and make sure that your dog plays nicely as there are many people and dogs that come to this park regularly.