Cleaning Between Professional Cleanings

July 27, 2020 by JulietAyer

Sometimes you just need a quick clean of your home in between Radiant Home Cleaning’s visits and that is absolutely fine. Whether it be for a dog who had a little too much fun and dug up the planter or your kids had too much fun with their summer art projects, you may need to clean up until we get there and we are going to give you some tips on how to stay tidy in between your bi-weekly cleanings. 

How To – Cleaning Between Professional Cleanings

Let’s dive into cleaning tips for your Burke, Virginia home.

Start up high and work your way down.

This might seem like a no-brainer, but starting your cleaning process up high and working your way down to the ground is the best way to avoid doing the same thing twice. Let’s take your kitchen for example- some sauce got up on the cabinet from a crazy spaghetti night and you start wiping down the cabinets onto the counters. Now you can clean the counters off from anything that might have fallen from the cabinets while also cleaning the countertops and leaving the floors for last if anything does manage to fall from the countertop. Lastly, the floors. This is where everything you missed or that drop will fall to and can be picked up. Working from up above down to the floors eliminates the need to go back and redo previous cleanings.

Work smarter; not harder.

Sometimes it is better to work smarter and not harder- actually, it is always better. Many people find that having a smart vacuum between Radiant Cleanings helps eliminate a lot of dust and dander that can pile up on the floors and carpets. The vacuums aren’t big enough to clean up hefty messes, but they are great for taking a load off of you while also taking a load off the floors. Many of those smart vacuum cleaners are coming down in price which is great for those who just want crumbs off the floor!

Get a handheld.

When we think handhelds we usually think cellphones. While this doesn’t have all the apps, it can definitely be just as handy. Have minor messes and crumbs that drive your nuts in between cleanings? A handheld vacuum cleaning can be just the quick and easy fix to your crumbling woes that you have been looking for. They are pretty affordable on Amazon and a lot of them take batteries so you can replace them as needed. This is a great way to keep crumbs off the floors and being stepped on and brought throughout the house.

Dust it.

No need to grab the feather duster and the maid outfit- sometimes it is just easy to grab a Swiffer duster and dust here in there. Dust literally is everywhere and gets everywhere and that is why have a Swiffer on hand for hardwood and tile floors can keep you from going crazy in between cleanings. Best part? You can toss the used duster pad as soon as you are done and you will be good to go when we arrive.

No matter what needs to be cleaned, we are always here to help you with your next cleaning project. Whether it be a move-in or move-out, bi-weekly or monthly cleaning package- we can take care of you and your home. You can find us at to set up your free estimate.