Cleaning with Hydrogen Peroxide in the Home

July 26, 2017 by JulietAyer

Using Hydrogen Peroxide as a Cleaning Product

Hydrogen Peroxide is most commonly known for being an antiseptic, but did you know it can be used for much more than that – specifically Cleaning with Hydrogen Peroxide? You can actually add hydrogen peroxide to your list of cleaning agents for your home. You heard us right! Hydrogen peroxide is considered a disinfectant and can be used all over to rid your home of harmful bacteria. Here are some ideas where you can use hydrogen peroxide in your home!


Ever wonder how you can clean the ol’ fridge? Wonder no more! Since hydrogen peroxide is toxic-free, you can use it to clean where you store your food without worry of nasty chemicals leaking into the stored containers.

Cutting Boards

Many of us do use cutting boards, but how do we know we ever get them clean… like really clean? Use hydrogen peroxide to get into those nasty crevices that the sponge can’t seem to reach. Note that you should store your hydrogen peroxide in an opaque bottle as sunlight dilutes the effectiveness of it.

Bathroom Grout

Bathroom grout can be the bane of someone’s existence. How do you get it looking like new and bright white? You are in luck! Hydrogen peroxide can bring your dark and dingy grout back to its white shine it once had. First, make sure to let the tub totally dry. Once you have let it dry out- spray the peroxide on the grout and let it sit. Once it has stop bubbling, take a grout brush (or toothbrush) and scrub away. You may have to repeat the process depending on how much buildup you have.


We all know (and hate) the smell of bleach, but did you know that hydrogen peroxide is a green alternative that still gets your whites just as white? Throw in a cup of peroxide and get those whites looking white the toxin-free way.

Pet toys

We all love our furry friends and want them to have a healthy and happy life. Clean some of Fido’s chew toys by either spraying down the toys with a peroxide solution or pouring it on a towel and wiping them down. Peroxide will clean any of those lingering bacteria that seem to collect on pet toys. You can even clean your kid’s toys as well! Wipe down those big toys that get played with a lot with the peroxide to keep kids from spreading germs to others.


You might not have known this fun cleaning fact, but you can use hydrogen peroxide to keep plants from growing unwanted fungus on them. Use ½ cup of peroxide for every one gallon of water and pour on plants as normal.


If you have used a humidifier, you know how important it is to keep them clean. Use a pint of peroxide for every one gallon to keep your system clean from mold and mildew.

Hydrogen peroxide is definitely a safe and useful alternative to many of the harsh cleaning products out there. What are some ways you use hydrogen peroxide in your home?

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