Cleaning your Home For the Fall

September 9, 2020 by JulietAyer

We finally made it to September and that means family and friends visiting for the holidays are just around the corner. Instead of saving it for the last minute, we want to cover some strategies you can do to get your home clean and orderly now so that you can relax before your family arrives and enjoy the time with them instead of running around trying to clean before they get there.

How to clean and organize during fall

Catch up on those dust bunnies.

You might think you have gotten all those pesky dust bunnies that seem to find their ways into your home, but now is a great time to move furniture and get those ones that have been in hiding. A lot of times, when family comes, you end up having to rearrange the furniture to accommodate more guests and that is not the time you want to discover the family full of dust bunnies under your dining room table. So move the furniture now and capture those pesky pets and breathe easy when family arrives.

Put summer away.

With cooler temps just around the corner, now is the perfect time to start thinking about putting those summery dresses away and clearing some room for cooler weather clothes and any clothes your guests might bring with them during their stay. Clearing it out now will have you keeping your wits about you instead of running around and stuffing everything in a closet and hoping no one opens it to discover your disorganized summer attire. 

Flip it real good.


Many people forget to do this, but flipping your mattresses can help keep the wear and tear even from year to year. A mattress is supposed to last you for about ten years, but that is only with proper care. Flipping your mattresses now will keep your Aunt Betty from coming downstairs and complaining about a bad back that came with her bad night’s sleep.

Check it.

More people in your home mean more clothes getting dirty which also means more drying cycles for your dryer. Check your dryer vent and hose to make sure there is no lint buildup which can slow your drying time and even be a fire hazard. This will help you bust through those visitors’ clothes when those laundry piles piling up and keep them from being a mile high (and overwhelming). Plus, the dryer is such a powerful appliance and the last thing you want is to use that much electricity drying the same load over and over again.

No matter how you want to prepare for the holidays and cooler weather, we are here for your every cleaning need. From move-in cleanings- where you want to guarantee yourself a fresh start to move-out cleanings where you want to leave a clean slate and just about everything in-between, Radiant Home Cleaning is here for you. We offer customized options to fit your life and your budget and we make sure that every detail is taken care of. Schedule your free online quote at and let us know how we can help you live your best life today.