How Often You Should Wash Your Towel

April 24, 2018 by JulietAyer

How often do you use your towel? You might use it at least 3 times per day. Other people might use it less often if they have different cleaning routines. However, the next question might confuse you a bit. How often should you wash your towel? And the answer to this question is “as often as you like”, “as soon as necessary”, or “it depends”.

Tips on Towel Washing

Why? That’s because while your towels might be the home for various germs and bacteria that come out of your body, these germs and bacteria are proven to be harmless to your body. So, even the scientific community doesn’t set any rules on how often you should clean or wash your towel. This is why you should use your own feelings to set up a good cleaning routine for your towels. Here are 5 tips on using your towel and how often you should wash your towel:

Wash Your Towel At Least Once Per Week for Normal Use

If you are using your towel regularly, especially after taking a shower or bath, you should at least wash it once per week. This is important to prevent using it too much, thus accumulating too many germs and bacteria.

Wash your towel with fresh and warm water whether with a washing machine or by hands. Store it in a clean place after washing and drying it. Throw away your towel at least after 3 months of use and purchase a new one.

Change To A Clean Towel Regularly

You should have at least 3 towels ready for you to use consecutively, switching between them regularly. When you feel that your towel is already dirty, you can toss it into the washing machine and switch to another towel.

At least change your towel once a week to keep it clean for your body.

If A Sick Person Uses It, Wash Your Towel Immediately

If you share your towel with a sick person in your family, ensure that the towel is washed immediately after use. First, because it is important to always use a clean towel for the sick person. And second, because you don’t want to share the germs and bacteria with the sick person.

However, it is always better to use different towels for the sick person in your family.

Don’t Share Your Towel With Others

 The best practice to use the towel is not to share it with other people, even with your own family. So, you should ensure that you are the only one that uses the towel. If another family member wants to borrow your towel, make sure that you wash it after they use it if you are not sure about the cleanliness of the towel.

However, if you really know that the other family members don’t have any health problems or contagious diseases, it is fine to share your towel with others from time to time.

Keep The Towel Dry After Use

After using the towel, you should hang it somewhere in order to dry it. You shouldn’t use the towel that is still wet because a wet towel might attract more bacteria and germs more easily. The towel that you use should always be dry whether you wash it or not.

By keeping your towel dry, you will keep it comfortable to use. Also, the towel should be able to be used for a longer period before you toss it and purchase a new one.