How To Clean Your Couch

February 28, 2018 by JulietAyer

Your messy toddlers, furry friends, and better half all equally love the couch. Regrettably, none of them seem bothered with keeping it clean. Therefore, more often than not, you are tasked with the responsibility of looking after the sofa. Now, cleaning the sofa and keeping it clean at all times can prove to be rather difficult. Fortunately, there are things you can do to ensure that the undertaking isn´t a struggle. Without beating about the bush any further, here´s what you need to do to clean your couch.

Step 1 – Stripping the Couch

The first step involves you stripping the couch down. That means you have to remove the cushion covers. However, when doing so, you should be careful to not pull any stuffing along with the covers. If your sofa doesn’t possess removable covers, you should only attempt spot cleaning. Now, you will need to turn the cushion covers inside out and wash them in the washing machine. It is advisable for you to set your washer to a gentle slow spin cycle. After the cleaning process is over, it is ill-advised for you to put the covers in the dryer. Instead, you should attempt to air-dry the covers.

Step 2 – Vacuum the Dirty Couch

Now, when the covers are undergoing a wash, you should attempt to vacuum your couch. However, you must place an upholstery attachment on your vacuum’s hose to prevent damages on your couch. The upholstery attachment has bush around the suction area and it does an exceptional job of protecting the fabrics on the couch, preventing the fabrics from getting sucked into the hose. While vacuuming the couch, you should pay special attention to the divots and creases in the fabric. Those places generally accumulate plenty of dust and crumbs.

Step 3 – Spot Clean Stains

So, what do you do if there are stains on your couch? Well, as we mentioned earlier, in such cases, you will need to spot clean. If you want to remove general stains, you can do so by dabbing the problem areas firmly with a dishcloth soaked in warm water. For oil stains, you will need to create a mixture of two drops of dish soap with warm water. Then, you will need to spray the mixture on the dingy areas. After that, you should allow the mixture to sit for five minutes before dabbing the spots with a clean, damp cloth. However, we would advise you to test the solution on hidden areas before trying it on the visible areas. If you have a leather couch, it is in your best interest to follow the manufacturer´s instructions and only use a cleaner that is specifically made for leather.

The couch is arguably, the most used piece of furniture in the house. Since you and your family members use the couch often, it can get dirty easily. Now, you wouldn´t want to come back home after a tiring day at the office to relax on a dirty couch now, would you? If not, you should clean your couch regularly!