Kitchen Professional Cleaning Tips

October 29, 2019 by JulietAyer

Cleaning tips for the kitchen

October 15, 2019 by JulietAyer

Clean your kitchen properly with these Professional Cleaning Tips!

It’s very important to keep your kitchen clean. After all, it’s where the food is stored and cooked, right? If you just ignore it, it can eventually lead to potential health problems. Now that makes it sound more serious, doesn’t it?

Start cleaning one side of your kitchen, wiping every surface in small sections top to bottom all the way around the room. Save your microwave and stove for second-to-last since they are the greasiest. Save cleaning the sink for last.

Cleaning stainless steel appliances is easy!

Start with figuring out the pattern of the stainless steel and remember to work in the same orientation as the pattern. After that, use a cotton cloth and stainless steel cleaner (if you don’t have one, glass cleaner will do) to make steel shine again. Make sure to remove water spots to avoid streaking issues.

Another simple trick would help you clean your microwave easily. Just put a cup of water in it and boil it for a little while. Doing so will make the grease loose and ease the cleaning greatly.

After the microwave, fridge, dishwasher and oven are done, drain your sink, apply some all-purpose cleaning solution and get a brush to completely remove all remains of the cleaner. Finish cleaning your kitchen by brushing off or vacuuming the floor, then swab it.

If you leave ripening fruit or vegetables, dirty plates and counters for too long, it will attract flies. However, sometimes even when you clean the kitchen often and thoroughly, you can still have flies in there. The cause of the problem would probably be your garbage disposal unit. Clean it by running it periodically, or just use an apple cider vinegar to trap the flies.

Keep your kitchen clean consistently!

You need to clean your kitchen periodically. Here is we think how often you should do each part of the cleaning:

  • Daily: Dusting, dish cleaning, mopping.
  • Weekly: Wipe and polish stained silver, foggy glasses and other elements of the equipment that aren’t used often. No need to clean them every day, but leaving them untouched for too long isn’t the way to go either. Keep in mind that the day you do this, you also do the daily tasks mentioned above.
  • Monthly: Make sure that all cupboards, shelves and your fridges are cleared off expired food and other things that aren’t needed while keeping the cold-temperature and room-temperature zones in order.Yearly: Clean your kitchen thoroughly and entirely. We are talking about cleaning the backs of every cupboard and shelf, turning off the fridge and washing everything in it, getting to the ceiling and more. This should be as thorough as it can be. This is very important especially for the fridge because that’s when your food is stored every day. Take the maintenance seriously and don’t miss anything. You only do it once in a year.

Kitchen cleaning is much easier and is more effective if done with the right approach and good preparation. Don’t do everything as fast as possible, remember that the cleaner the room, the more healthy it is!