Looking for Playgrounds in Burke, VA? Here you go!

Take the Kiddos to the Best Playgrounds Burke has to Offer

Best Playgrounds in Burke, Virginia

Burke, Virginia has always been a great place to have kids and raise a family. From the small town feel to the mom and pop shops- Burke is a great place to grow old in. So, you might be asking what is there to do in Burke if you have little ones and that’s what we will cover today. Let’s look at the best playgrounds and play places in Burke!

The Playground at Lake Braddock

Lake Braddock is known for its many playgrounds. This family-friendly area is the highlight to many mommy meetups and weekend romps for those who live in the area. The entire park surrounds a man-made lake that many use as a walking path during the year. There is even a boat dock that residents can use if they have small boats and kayaks. It is definitely a family-friendly place that can be visited year around.

Scramble Burke Playground

Looking for something to do inside while the weather might not be so kid friendly? Just down the road in Alexandria is a place called Scramble. This is the hot spot for kids that have the energy to burn and parents who just want a comfy place to sit and watch. Scramble is an indoor play place that lets your kids run until they can’t run anymore. They have foam pits and ball pits and the most American slides you ever did see. What makes Scramble such a family friendly place is that they cater to everyone in the family. They have a smaller play area dedicated to little kids who might not want to get trampled among the larger children. They have plenty of seating for adults and you can’t beat free wi-fi! They have a small place where you can buy snacks (definitely not enough to count as a full meal) but it is enough for refreshments for the entire family. The facilities have high remarks for their cleanliness and the staff is praised for how friendly they are. Stop by here and let us know what you think!

My Gym

If you have younger kids- My Gym is the place for you. They are an indoor playground and development facility that caters to kids 10 and under. From ballet to parents and kids grow together classes, you won’t find a better place to be. Looking for a birthday party ideas for your younger kids? This is the place to be. They feature great birthday parties that get the kids moving and grooving and also host many “parent nights out” where you can leave your kids and go see that movie you’ve been meaning to watch or get that dinner at that place you’ve been dreaming of. My Gym has 5 stars for staff friendliness and attentiveness which is what you need when you are letting your kids run around a building. Sounds like a great place to let the kids go!

No matter where you are in Burke (whether it is sunny or not) there are definitely choices when it comes to playing with the kids. Let us know some hidden treasures you’ve found that make the list of top places to play in Burke, Va!