Oven Cleaning 101

August 15, 2019 by JulietAyer

Oven Cleaning – Professionally!

Oven, just like every other part of the kitchen that handles food, has to be kept clean and disinfected. After all, it’s where the food is cooked. Neglecting it would result in much quicker food spoiling and can lead to potential stomach problems.

Models that support self-cleaning

Many of the modern solutions have a “clean” option that “locks” the oven door very steadily and then uses their convection coils that scorch the spills and spots that remain after baking. The dust-like ash at the bottom of your machine is the result of this maintenance. Just remove it with any dusting solution you can find. We’d recommend doing this procedure on a colder day, as it does heat up your kitchen.

Models that support continuous-cleaning 

These models have a certain element on the oven panel that actually absorbs and tapers off drops and grease. Keep in mind that this function cannot get rid of bigger spills. You should clean them straight away and not let them burn inside the machine the next time you use it.  Neglecting that can damage the oven functionality.

Older models 

Old models don’t have any of the self-cleaning functions and need to be cleaned manually. But using cleaners can damage the surface and can emit dangerous gas. Therefore you need to follow the instructions very thoroughly: wear rubber gloves and glasses, cover the heating part of the oven, all the wiring, and thermostat with aluminum foil so that the cleaner doesn’t get into them.

Spray the water all over the interior and put some baking soda paste. Let it stray till the next morning and just wipe it with a wet tissue or a sponge. Don’t be afraid of using a ball of steel wool in harder areas. 

Keeping your oven clean isn’t hard at all. All you have to do is follow steps. Most modern models support automatic algorithms that clean the machine. Makes cooking easier, doesn’t it?